About Us

It all began in the fall of 2008 when Winston came into our lives. We met Winston, a 12-week old pug puppy, at a gas station in rural Kentucky. We didn’t know then how much happiness and excitement that little pup would bring us.

We also didn’t know how much that one pup could eat! Winston would do anything for food; it didn’t matter if it was in his bowl, or on our plates, he wanted it. We soon found ourselves doing what we knew pet owners shouldn’t, but often find themselves doing—sharing their table scraps with their dog. Only later did we discover that many of the foods we were sharing were harmful to dogs. Some of which were even toxic, including chocolate, artificial sweeteners, and even some fruits.

Still wanting Winston to feel like a part of our family, even at dinner time, we came up with the idea to make healthy treats that we all could share. After many hours of researching foods that were good for both people and dogs, we developed Little Eatz, pet and people treats! Now, we can enjoy a delicious snack and share it with Winston, while being responsible pet owners.

—Melissa, Sean and Winston Little