"Thank you so much for sending the Little Eatz cookies. She gave us some as soon as she got home from Pittsburgh and they were really, really good! She even ate some herself - and so did Dyson (our feline friend who thinks he is a dog)! He had one and made crumbs all over the carpet! It was really sweet of you to send some home with her - we'll tell her to be sure to order some more. Love and smooches..."

- Maggie and Libby (and Dyson)

"Let me pass along Willie, Ino and Little Bit's appreciation for the yummy treats. Yep, even Ino (a.k.a. Ms. Picky Eater), gave her approval with a grin and wag of the tail. (A site rarely seen from Ms. Ino when it comes to food)."

- Cheryl

"Little Eatz have been a great treat to train Sgt Pepper with; he's our very energetic feist. He quickly learned the 'wait' command when we used them to teach him not to take things from someone's hand until told to with an 'okay!'" (pictured at left).

- Jeff & Bess

"They are good - a nice little snack for me when I give one to the girls!! Great idea....hope your business is a great success! Let us know if you need any taste testing done....we'll be happy to help you out!"

- Linda S.

"Angus loves the treats. He'll smell one in my closed hand and start bouncing all over. Matthew said the treats are good too. You all did a great job!"

- Cody, Anissa, Michael, Matthew, and Angus

"Lars was overjoyed with his package of Little Eatz! He LOVES them. They're so good that he carries them off under the table to eat."

- Phyllis, Julie, Charlie, and Lars

"I nanny for two young girls who have a puppy. Little Eatz is the perfect treat because I can give them to both the girls, and the dog! The great thing is, they ALL love Little Eatz!"

- Vanessa